Getting Started with Virtualization on Linux



Learn how to get started virtualizing your infrastructure on Linux. This simple tutorial specifically targets KVM, but also includes discussion of Xen, and general virtualization and management concepts.


This session will cover the basics of how to set up KVM for virtualizing everything from web development environments to hosting infrastructure.

This talk will primarily focus on installation and configuration of KVM with libvirt on common Linux distributions. It will also include discussion of possible applications of virtualization and general topics related to virtualization. This will include topics such as Amazon’s EC2 service, high availability clustering and failover, management interfaces, and Xen.

This talk will primarily target Linux users who are unfamiliar with KVM, but will also seek to inspire those who have used it to consider new applications and management techniques.

Speaking experience


  • Russell Haering

    OSU Open Source Lab


    Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Russell is currently studying Computer Science at Oregon State University where he works as a system administrator at the OSU Open Source Lab. In his spare time he enjoys hacking on open source projects, spending time outdoors and watching movies.