Negotiating an Open Source Future



Given the economic crisis we are leaving, open source is more compelling than ever, and companies must know how to advocate and win an open source future.


This interactive workshop, developed by Negotiation Strategist Research, assists individuals and businesses and advocates to close deals and increase persuasiveness.


The format consists of a review of the three basic concepts negotiators must master and then a detailed scripted negotiation exercise will be staged. Concepts are reviewed by a team-based issue-spotting exercise with the plenary.

Negotiation skills, or a lack thereof, stand between you and what you want. Learn from the master and practice what you learn.

Entertaining and dynamic.

About the Lecturer

Martin Medeiros, a practicing attorney, founded Negotiation Strategist Research to assist negotiators with tools based on statistics and the latest research on human negotiation behavior. He has interviewed and filmed dozens of business persons, lawyers, police officers, combat veterans, buyers and sellers and uncovered recurring themes of persuasiveness.

Speaking experience