Network booting helps you be lazy



Network booting can save you more time in the first month than it took you to set it up. See a live demo of network booting in action, and learn about the software stack you need to get started.


Need to get a server working again that is 1000 miles away? Network booting can help you. Need to upgrade the software on a classroom full of computers? Network booting can help you with that too. How about you need to startup an 1024 node supercomputer. Los Alamos National Lab has one that network boots off of a single drive. What if you need to migrate a whole sever to new hardware? If you are already using network booting, and virtualization you might be be able to do a live migration so fast that you don’t even get a ping timeout.

Learn how network booting can help you, and get a feel of how much work it will be as we review the software stack needed to implement it.

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  • Biography

    Both introvert, and extrovert.

    I spend a lot of time at coffee shops staring at my computer screen trying to learn new things, and I spend much of the rest of my time getting to know people.

    At the moment I am particularly interested in how to make the many benefits of Linux based server technology accessible to small businesses, non profits, and even home users who wouldn’t normally be able to afford technology experts to set things up for them.

    I can also be found riding a bike all over the streets of Portland, or even delivering pastries to a Willamette river bridge so hungry bike commuters can build community on their way to work.