Theme any website in two hours with Deliverance



Imagine if you could take any website design and use it as-is with any website or web application? Well, you can with Deliverance!


Deliverance is a middleware service that sits in between your Plone site and your website design. The website design template can be any arbitrary HTML/CSS – there’s nothing Plone specific about it.

Deliverance takes the HTML that your CMS or web application generates and maps it into placeholders into your website design, and you use a simple rules file to tell Deliverance which elements to map over and where they should go.

The beauty of this approach is that the design and the code can be developed independently of one another, providing a true separation of presentation and content. And your team can work more effectively together without stomping on each other’s toes!

In this talk, we will look at several production sites that were themed with Deliverance in a matter of days, a process that would have taken weeks had we used the more traditional theme add-on approach. We’ll demonstrate the process step-by-step to show just how easy it is.

We’ll discuss how to use Deliverance to theme multiple sites (Trac, Wordpress, Plone, etc.) to all have the same design and how to very easily give different sections of your website a different design. And lastly, we’ll talk about Banjo, a point-n-click tool for making the rules file, and xdv, an alternative to Deliverance that powers

Designers, developers and anyone who’s looking to end the painful process of theming websites should come to this talk to learn how Deliverance can save you significant amounts of time on your next theming project.

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    Nate Aune is CEO & Founder of Appsembler, a marketplace for open source web applications that you can deploy with 1-click. He’s deployed open source web applications to various cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Heroku, Dotcloud, Redhat’s OpenShift and Google App Engine. Nate is the founder and organizer of the Boston Django User Group with 800 members, and he served for 3 years on the Plone Foundation board.

    Nate has presented at LinuxWorld, Grassroots Use of Technology, Non-profit Software Developer Summit, EuroPython, PyCon and PyConBrasil. Read Nate’s blog at and follow @natea on Twitter.