Everything you ever wanted to know about Amazon EC2



Amazon Web Services makes it possible to build scalable systems easily with very little upfront capital. Come to this session to learn about what's so cool about cloud computing, and how Amazon's suite of elastic cloud computing tools make your job easier.


Whether it’s deploying a website that needs to scale to support spikes in traffic, or running a cluster of testing bots, Amazon’s pay-only-for-what-you-use model of renting servers by the hour is very appealing to hackers and business people alike. When you realize that virtual servers are disposable, and that you can launch a new one in a matter of minutes programatically, you architect your application differently, to take advantage of the transient nature of the servers. But this transiency is also an advantage because you decouple the parts so they are no longer co-mingled, thus making your site more resilient to failure.

This talk will discuss the wonderful world of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and in particular Amazon EC2. We will explain how you can use Elastic Block Storage to make a virtual disk that can hold up to 1TB of data, how you can auto-scale your application using Amazon’s monitoring services, and how you can create Amazon Machine Images (AMI) to distribute your software in the form of a bootable virtual machine and more.

We will look at several real-life examples of open source software applications that have been deployed to Amazon EC2, and what particular tools and strategies we leveraged to streamline the deployment and hosting of these applications. We’ll look at Fabric, ElasticFox, silverlining and discuss other tips and tricks.

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    Nate Aune



    Nate Aune is CEO & Founder of Appsembler, a marketplace for open source web applications that you can deploy with 1-click. He’s deployed open source web applications to various cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Heroku, Dotcloud, Redhat’s OpenShift and Google App Engine. Nate is the founder and organizer of the Boston Django User Group with 800 members, and he served for 3 years on the Plone Foundation board.

    Nate has presented at LinuxWorld, Grassroots Use of Technology, Non-profit Software Developer Summit, EuroPython, PyCon and PyConBrasil. Read Nate’s blog at http://appsembler.com/blog and follow @natea on Twitter.