Application latencies and the crazy things in Linux you can do for them



Is your application latency-sensitive? Deterministic? Real-Time? This talk will take a broad look at tools and techniques in Linux that can help. And answer the question of why Linus calls some of us "crazy".


Users buy faster hardware, more memory, better disks, and try and tune their systems all in an effort to “get faster”, that elusive goal.

This can be helpful sometimes, but what might help througput, sometimes affects latency adversely. Or system determinism. Is your application latency-sensitive? Do you have deterministic requirements? Can real-time scheduling and priorities help? And most importantly, what do all these terms mean, anyway?

Some tools, techniques and tuning tips to assist low latency and real-time applications (and how to tell them apart).

Speaking experience


  • Biography

    Nivedita Singhvi works on Real-Time Linux for IBM. She’s interested in making Linux better for low latency and deterministic applications.