Drupal & other CMS for Nonprofits



Using the power and flexibility of of a CMS like Drupal to create websites that extend the effectiveness and reach of nonprofits and let their staff/volunteers own the site, rather than having to turn to an expensive tech firm. Reference to several OS CMS will be made.


Few gift communities are better suited for each other than open source and nonprofits. Few open source approaches are better suited to nonprofit’s website needs than a CMS. We’ll talk some about Wordpress, Joomla and Plone and then go into more detail about Drupal, using examples, covering the possibilities (e.g. CiviCRM, Organic Groups, etc), going over the challenges, pointing out resources and referencing several surveys. Our view is that Drupal is top of the pile, but we regularly recommend other CMS to nonprofits, depending on their needs, available skills and their prospects for future growth. This talk will try to hit all the high points and give folks a strong overview and a sense of direction.

One speaker is a coder who works for a nonprofit – a trust which both funds and advises nonprofits – and the other is a designer and themer who has worked on a range of nonprofit projects. The substance of the talk will be based on experience, resources in the community, our own nonprofit Drupal sites and the advice we regularly give to nonprofits on their web needs.

Speaking experience


  • Grant hippie

    Grant Kruger

    Meyer Memorial Trust


    I’m a South African with over 30 years in programming and IT, twenty of them in the USA, half of those as an open source guy. I’m an open source evangelist who pushes open source at every opportunity. My current employer (MMT) uses primarily open source software for our websites and servers.

    I’ve worked projects of all sizes, from one-man-team stuff through giant systems costing hundreds of millions. I’ve done just about every job in the development life-cycle during this time. I’ve worked mainframes, PCs, Linux, Mac and things that don’t exist anymore. I’ve used a host of languages, like most other programmers: everything from Natural, Cobol and SCL through Pascal, C and VB to Ruby on Rails, Drupal, PHP, Python and JavaScript. It’s been a ride.

    Currently I’m working on a large PHP project and a sizable Drupal site and have involvement in a Ruby on Rails site.

    I’m big on helping others. I’ve helped run many all-volunteer-run conventions in the past and was a primary organizer for DrupalCampPDX 2008 and have been heavily involved with the group. The pay-it-forward nature of open source fits me to a tee and I’m not going anywhere.

    In my spare time I’m a writer of nonfiction, science fiction and African fantasy, and I’m an artist, hobby-collector, reader and more.

  • Drupalcon avatar

    Theresa Pridemore

    Pridemore Design


    Theresa Pridemore is a thirty-one year-old kid hailing from Portland, Oregon. By day she is the works as a freelance web and print designer, specializing in Drupal Theming and Wordpress implementations. What remains of her time is happily lost in writing, photography, pastels, jewelry-making, or in creating digital art. Typical for an Army brat, her past is quilted with experiences from all over the world—Germany, South Africa, Mississippi, and the West Coast are just some of the sundry places that have made their mark on her. However, out of everywhere she’s set up camp, she most contentedly calls Portland her home.