Maaaakin' Copies: How to bootstrap your product strategy using Drupal



As a software developer, do you ever get the feeling that problems solved for one client might also be used benefit a whole industry sector? Here's how to use Drupal to stop with all the wheel-reinvention.


Ever been under contract to develop a website and thought, “you know, I’ve solved this problem before?” Surely the practice of sharing and reusing lower level components such as libraries, gems, or modules has quickened the pace of rapid application development. But with recent advances in the Drupal ecosystem we’re now on the cusp of something much more radical: Gracefully redistributing entire applications.

This workshop will go into moderate level of technical detail about how to use Drupal to easily redistribute your software projects. It will also share implementation details for executing complimentary SaaS / OpenSource release strategies, and discuss some of the challenges that reside on the business side of this brave new world.

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    Marcus Estes



    Marcus Estes comes to OpenSourcery after working with Tables Turned, a startup that he co-founded to service non-commercial broadcasters with freely licensed music for podcasts and internet radio. He also served on the board of directors for Portland Oregon’s Cable Access station and has contributed web expertise to a number of nonprofit organizations.

    In late 2009 he became a founding board member of a youth media education organization called ThunderEgg, and also helps run an independent television production collective called Team Video.