Harnessing the Social Web with OpenSocial 0.9



Exploring social application development techniques using OpenSocial 0.9, we'll look at how to harness user data to customize an application experience for each user and monetize that experience. Going further, we'll explore the vast improvements coming in the future for OpenSocial.


OpenSocial is an open source project which defines a standardized API for accessing social data and interacting with social features within social networking platforms. Creating a standard method across many supporting platforms, application developers can easily deploy their products over many containers using standardized JavaScript and APIs.

Standardizing methods for accessing and setting social profile information on a third party network through JavaScript or server side APIs, OpenSocial seeks to provide a “develop once, distribute broadly” approach to social network application development. With dozens of OpenSocial supported containers, OpenSocial is an open source project which attempts to standardize web 2.0 development.

This session will review some of the core feature sets of OpenSocial 0.9 and how to socialize application development exploring:

  • Using OpenSocial JavaScript to access profile information
  • Implementing application vitality streams to drive an application viral
  • Simplifying standard utilities such as AJAX or JSON manipulation
  • Exploring OpenSocial server-side API standards

Further to a look at the newest version of OpenSocial, we’ll explore the new standards and enhancements coming in OpenSocial 1.0.

Speaking experience


  • Pic jon2

    Jonathan LeBlanc

    X.commerce (eBay)


    Jonathan is an Emmy award-winning software engineer and the author of the O’Reilly book “Programming Social Applications.” He specializes in open source initiatives around the implementation of social engagement services. He also works with and promotes emerging technologies to aid in the adoption and utilization of new social development techniques, such as his work on the OpenSocial foundation board. As a software engineer, Jonathan works extensively with social interaction development, engaging in new methods for targeting the social footprint of users to drive the ideal of an open web.


      • Title: SELECT * FROM Internet Using YQL
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      • Time: 2:303:15pm
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        Treating the internet and all its sources as a database, YQL seeks to allow developers to explore government, social, api and all other external data in a standardized way. Further allowing developers to manipulate this data and mash different sources together, YQL works to open up the web and all its sources.

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