Clojure: Towards The Essence Of Programming



You may know Java or C# ... but do you own it? Can you add new language features to suit your needs? Of course not ... but with Clojure, you can! Clojure is more than a powerful language, it's a powerful language toolkit.


Clojure is wonderful new language for the JVM that’s really making waves: a functional Lisp dialect with full interoperation with Java, and a suite of excellent concurrency utilities … but it’s more than that.

Clojure is a highly expressive and highly adaptable language that allows you to focus on your craft in a way traditional languages such as Java and C# do not. In this session, we’ll introduce the language and its core utilities and then introduce the fundamental concepts of functional programming as they apply to Clojure. Clojure has been described as a “high level language beamed back from the near future” … come see what your future may hold, and why you’re really going to like it!

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    Howard Lewis Ship cut his teeth writing customer support software in
    PL/1. He made the jump to Object Oriented programming via NeXTSTEP
    and Objective-C before transitioning to Java. He created the initial version of
    Tapestry in early 2000, and is currently working on Apache Tapestry 5.2.

    Howard is respected in the Java community as an expert on web application development, dependency injection, Java meta-programming, and developer productivity. He is a frequent speaker at JavaOne, NoFluffJustStuff, ApacheCon and other conferences, and the author of “Tapestry in Action” for Manning (covering Tapestry 3.0).

    Howard was elected a Java Champion in February 2010.

    Howard is an independent consultant, specializing in Tapestry and Clojure training, mentoring and project work. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Suzanne, a novelist, and his son Jacob.