Security vs Usability vs Privacy



Within five years from now the internet as we know it will end.
Freedom will no longer be a right, as it will be only available to those who know
how to conceal themselves. The media landscape will have changed as well.
But there is hope. For every step one takes towards Security one risks loosing
out on privacy and usability.

But there is hope.


Can open source prevent all this from happening? How can Open source
and Free Software can help prevent this.
Security&Freedom do not need to be sacrificed for Usability. Media Security does
not come with he price of loosing all freedom.

The internet is a network of networks and should be treated as such.
Most of today’s software security flaws are produced because of not knowing,
Will we able to increase code security, prevent all the mistakes, and save the
freedom of the net?

Speaking experience


  • naxxatoe (Sebastian Graf)

    NNC Security Research


    Naxxatoe is a IT Security Researcher / Analyst currently resident in Austria.
    His Technical Skill and Abilities as well as his knowledge about IT Security
    lead him to travel the world and give bleeding edge talks at various IT
    Conferences and work as a Consultant for various Global Companies.
    Combining the best from both the Ethical Hacking and the Dark Arts, he is able to
    provide good and balanced Advice on Potential Threats / Attacks and Counter