When you're giving a technical talk, you're the star---but the code you're presenting is your most important prop. We're going to discuss ways to show your code to an audience. You'll come away with tips that will save you time and help you communicate your ideas clearly.


We’ll start with a typical slideshow practice: cutting and pasting source code into Keynote. For small projects, this may be all you need. A few handy shortcuts can help streamline the process.

With anything longer than a lightning talk, you’re probably looking for ways to make sure your audience sees the same up-to-date, tested source code that’s sitting in version control. We’ll see how to refresh the code on your slides automatically, while preserving the beautiful syntax highlighting you see in your text editor.

Next, we’ll look at how to tie your project into more code-friendly presentation software, such as the open-source Showoff package by GitHub’s Scott Chacon. Finally, we’ll finish off with a few auxiliary topics: preparing your slides for sharing on the web, adding a soundtrack, and so on.

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