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Graphs are awesome. Everyone can find graphs for stocks and gas prices, and maybe even Amazon prices if you're good. But how about your twitter list counts, P1 bug reports, server connection count, or flickr pictures per millisecond?

Come see a cool tool that will revolutionize your graphing life.


Lots of numbers are already graphed beautifully (stock prices, temperatures, gas prices, etc) but there are still many that aren’t. I’m going to show a very simple way to graph any number from any site over time.

This talk will simply showcase webnumbr.com, discuss the technical details behind it, and hack together some neat graphs.

A 5 minute lightning talk was given at Super Happy Dev House about this site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sw1j0XNhJHk

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    Paul Tarjan



    Lifelong nerd and engineer. Nowadays he works at Stripe mostly on developer productivity and infrastructural components like rate limiters, core abstractions, large code refactors and language design. In the past he helped build HHVM and Hack at Facebook, worked on the Open Graph and changed your search results to not just be 10 blue links.