Javascript, the One True Language



JavaScript has long been considered a toy language, but new project focusing on server-side JavaScript the language could be the best choice for new development.


JavaScript has long been considered a toy language, unworthy of serious developers attention outside the “ajax” world.

New open source projects like Node.js, Narwhal, CouchDB and more have changed this forever. JavaScript can now be the language you use to write the full stack of any application. And it turns out it will be faster, more productive and cooler than anything you are used to.

This presentation will cover the current “State of the Art” in the Javascript world and introduce to you how you could use JavaScript to develop your own projects, or simply use engines like V8, Rhino or SpiderMonkey to add powerful scriptability to existing projects.

Speaking experience


  • Stephen Woods

    Yahoo! Inc


    Stephen Woods is a Senior Frontend Engineer at Yahoo!. Currently he is the lead developer on an internal platform used to create modular websites. He started life as a php developer but has since been convinced that Javascript is just about the coolest language out there.