The curious case of php|architect



How can a business that publishes twelve magazines, organizes two conferences and trains 2,000 developers a year in three different formats be managed in its entirety by a team of five people across two different countries? Why, through the magic of open-source software, clever hackery and a passion for great software


In the last eight years, “php|architect”: has gone from a newsletter born out of a dare to becoming the leading PHP publications in the world and has expanded into providing its own line of books, live remote training and conferences.

Despite its increased popularity, php|a is still run by a small crew of passionate people who handle everything from content management to customer support using a set of tools based almost entirely on open source software, including Linux, MySQL and PHP that plays nicely with commercial software to provide a powerful business platform.

In this presentation, co-founder Marco Tabini shows you the technology behind php|architect and discusses how open-source and commercial software of all kinds can be meshed together to form a cohesive strategy for businesses of all sizes.

Speaking experience


  • Marco Tabini

    php|architect / Blue Parabola


    Marco Tabini is the co-founder of “php|architect”: and CEO of “Blue Parabola, LLC”:, a consulting firm that specializes in PHP-related knowledge products.

    He is a frequent speakers at PHP conferences worldwide, including php|tek, the Dutch PHP Conference, Enterprise LAMP Camp and many more.

    The author of two books on computer programming and the long-running exit(0) column on php|architect, Marco also blogs regularly at “The Accidental Businessman”: and is a frequent collaborator at “Macworld”: