CFML Development with Open BlueDragon



The ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) is a mature, dynamic scripting language created in 1995 but until recently, using CFML required the purchase of a pricey proprietary license. With Open BlueDragon, a Java-based, open source (GPLv3) CFML engine, web developers can now use CFML freely--in every sense of the word.


In this session you’ll learn about the history of the CFML language and CFML engines, and what ultimately led to the open sourcing of this formerly proprietary technology nearly 15 years after its inception.

While knowing one’s history is important, the proof is always in the pudding. To that end we’ll show you how simple it is to download and fire up the Open BlueDragon, and then we’ll do lots of live coding to demonstrate the ease of use and power of CFML. Through the code samples you’ll learn about the many great features of Open BlueDragon, including integration with cloud computing resources such as’s S3 and SimpleDB, integration with memcached, integration with Java, and much, much more.

Speaking experience


  • 2011 08 25 133249

    Matt Woodward

    US Senate


    Matt Woodward is Principal IT Specialist at the Office of the Sergeant at Arms, United States Senate. He develops web applications using Python and Django, does a fair amount of Linux systems administration, and is an occasional Scrum/Kanban master. In his spare time Matt works on his 1958 wooden sailboat, and volunteers tech, voice, and audio editing services at KPTZ in lovely Port Townsend, Washington.