Open Source + .NET = crazy delicious



A overview of the .NET Framework in the context of open source development. Recommended for developers not familiar with .NET, or .NET devs wanting to learn more about open source on .NET.


You got .NET in my open source! You got open source in my .NET!

Curious about the .NET Framework? Wondering what kinds of open source development are happening on the platform (and in it)? What can you do for free with .NET these days, even for non-Windows users? Stop by this session and find out.

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    Jason Mauer



    Jason Mauer is a Senior Developer Evangelist with Microsoft covering the Pacific Northwest and the Bay area. He has been with Microsoft for 8 years, with a background in .NET application development, XML and the Web, SharePoint, and game development with DirectX and XNA.

    Jason is active in the developer community as a presenter (OSCON, DevConnections, Borland DevCon), organizer (Code Camps in Portland, Seattle, and Boise), and fellow geek. He is a member and former chair of the Software Association of Oregon Development SIG , and serves on the Legion of Tech Advisory Committee.

    Jason has participated in a variety of open source projects, including the XNA game engine Imagination and a couple of projects that should be released in time for Open Source Bridge.

    Find Jason online at and as @jasonmauer on Twitter.