Simpler RIA with REST



Discussions of REST usually begin by claiming that REST architecture involves much, much more than reducing the syntax of services to database-derived verbs: create, read, update, delete (CRUD). That might be true, but for this talk, that supremely useful reduction will be "REST"...


Like the Java scene before it, the Flex scene is exploding with frameworks and every variation of MVC under the sun. Much of this complexity is unavoidable, since RIAs throw yet another layer into the mix. But if an RIA is accessing RESTful services, its structure can be streamlined and its number of classes and configurations reduced. This talk will show you how this can be done. Examples will be in Flex/Rails, but the logic will apply to any RIA, whether Silverlight or Javascript-based.

Speaking experience


  • Matt


    Matt Garland is a Flex/Flash/Rails developer. His current project is River of Talk, a chat site inspired by improv. He is a Reed College grad back in Portland with family in tow. He has a Ph.D. that is useful for FB status updates and nothing more. He sincerely believes that non-traditional forms of direct democracy will emerge with surprising rapidity, and he is working on an astonishingly ambitious interactive: a chart which citizens can use to vote directly on tax schedules and budgets.