Plone in the Cloud - deploying open source applications to Amazon EC2



The rise of utility computing platforms such as Amazon EC2 has made it more feasible to build turnkey hosted solutions on top of open source software. Learn how we built PondCMS, a turnkey Plone-based CMS deployed to Amazon's EC2. In this talk, we will discuss the advantages of hosting Plone sites in the elastic computing cloud and some of the challenges we faced.


After introducing Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the pros/cons of using it instead of traditional hosting services, I will explain how to actual get started using it with examples of programatically launching new EC2 instances, mounting volumes and associating elastic IP addresses to those instances. I will also demonstrate some useful tools for managing the instances such as the Amazon Web Console, ElasticFox and Canonical’s Landscape.

Then we will look at PondCMS, a hosted CMS solution based on Plone, the popular open source content management system. We will discuss the reasons why we chose to use EC2 as the hosting platform and some of the issues we encountered, and how we overcame them.

This talk is for anyone who is curious about Amazon Web Services and wants to learn more about how one can leverage AWS to cut costs, reduce hosting complexity and build scalable and streamlined hosted solutions.

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