Tracks: Getting Things Done the Open Source way



Proprietary desktop-based GTD apps have good usability and high responsiveness but lack the ubiquitous access and extensibility afforded by server-based applications. Tracks is the first Open Source server-based GTD app to deliver a desktop-like experience with the benefits of a web app. You'll come away from this talk with a working instance of your own and everything you need to know to get started with it.


Tracks is a RoR-based application for implementing David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” methodology of time and task management. It offers an elegant user interface with the feel of a desktop app. It has all the Web two-ohness you could ask for with a REST-based API, an AJAX UI, granular syndication capabilities and a spiffy gradient fill logo.

We’ll walk through both the deployment and usage of Tracks and show how to incorporate it into the Mac desktop for simplified daily use. You’ll leave with your own working copy of Tracks, a remedial lesson on GTD and an orientation on how to use the software effectively to manage your todo’s.

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  • Sean Tierney

    JumpBox, Inc


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