Happy Fridays: helping good causes while making fun for people. A different way to approach philanthropy.



...think of natural human behavior as being like a constantly blowing wind and Happy Fridays as a bit of technology, a giant wind turbine that harnesses that wind and converts it into money that is used to fund worthy causes that make the world a better place.


Happy Fridays has a different way to approach philanthropy. Instead of asking ordinary, hard-working people to go out of their way and make a sacrifice for a good cause, we provide them with an appealing, high-quality experience that actually enriches their lives while also benefiting good causes. We like to think of it as a win-win proposition.

This presentation overviews our way of approaching the mass populous to engage them in philanthropy. We’ll have a look at our technology platform and the opportunities it holds for raising enormous sums of money that can be used to fund important causes around the world. The platform not only enables people to have fun, but it can also optimize the entire market for charitable fund raising.

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    Kristopher Schlesser

    Happy Fridays, Inc


    Kris holds a degree in economics and has filled leadership roles on numerous successful projects including two political campaigns and an internet start-up. After spending four years designing and producing cutting-edge IT systems for the global financial markets, Kris now focuses his considerable talents on independent projects focusing on new media.