Why should you host your OSS project at the Open Source Lab



There are a lot of free hosting providers out there for open source projects, but not many offer the flexibility and support that the Open Source Lab has. Our hosting ranges from shared web hosting to fully managed servers to just smart hands support. We're here to help expand the open source community to the next level.


The OSU Open Source Lab is a leader in OSS project hosting and has helped several large projects grow and expand over the years. Many projects could benefit from getting hosting from the OSL but they many not know or realize what we can do for them. This proposal will cover some of the best practices we follow and how we can help OSS projects. It will also cover how we can help your OSS project with hosting.

Some of the topics I will cover will be:

  • Overall process for getting hosting
  • Common challenges we face
  • Cover the OSS ecosystem we help maintain
  • Examples of how we help projects with their hosting
  • Student involvement
  • How you can help us
  • Reasons your project may not be a good fit at the OSL

Speaking experience