3rd generation Linux Networking



Linux has best of breed networking, but has a long way to go in usability.


Linux networking is in the 3rd stage of evolution.
The first generation of Open Source is about getting it to work at all, 2nd is about getting it to work well, 3rd is about making it easy to use. I want to talk about what is available in networking, what it can do and why better infrastructure is needed. I will talk about tools like NetworkManager/Connman, and Vyatta, but really want to give people a hands on feel for what can be done and get feedback.

Speaking experience


  • Stephen hemminger


    Stephen has been involved with Linux kernel development for 7 years, mostly on TCP and network devices. He currently maintains the bridging and iproute2 utilities. Currently at Vyatta, he focuses on QoS, routing protocols, and performance. Stephen used to give more talks in his previous role as fellow at OSDL, including Linux Conference Europe 2007, Linux Conference Australia 2005, and Linux Kongress tutorial in 2004 and 2008