Efficient Pagination Using MySQL



Write efficient MySQL query to paginate through large data set.


Pagination is a common pattern for most web based applications, and developers often use MySQL’s proprietary LIMIT OFFSET, NUMBER clause to achieve this. This results in degrading performance as one reaches deeper pages.

In this talk Surat will discuss solutions to write efficient MySQL queries for pagination through a large data set.

Speaking experience


  • Suratbhati

    Surat Bhati

    Yahoo! Inc


    Surat Singh Bhati is a MySQL expert at Yahoo! Inc. Surat has used MySQL for several years for various projects at Yahoo! such as Yahoo Message Boards.

    He is a performance freak who wants to get the most out of given hardware.

    Previously, he worked as Chief Technology at startup IndiaMART.com, India’s leading online B2B marketplace.

    In his spare time, Surat enjoys Yoga & Meditation.