generation y, open source community building and the lessons that business is learning ( or should learn) from them both



well run open source communities are the building blocks for the world that our generation y staffers have been immersed in since elementary school. the web has changed and continues to change the availability of information and the definition of expert. how can more traditional businesses make use of these principles of equality of ideas and organic growth of hierarchies to engage and encourage younger staff.


evolution is inevitable. open source culture, for lack of a better term, has changed the way the world thinks and shares information and those people who have come of age in the last 10 years have been beneficiaries of incredibly rapid change in social culture. business culture lags behind and this can cause conflict in the workplace. I’ll explore several concepts that have made the leap into business practice (e.g. the wiki and the blog) and others that are slower to be adopted (e.g. organic leadership and equality of ideas)

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    sarah novotny


    hi, i manage the blue gecko MySQL practice. i get all the benefits of working in open source and for myself while helping small and large organizations make choices between proprietary and open source databases.

    before helping found blue gecko, i had a varied career as a systems and network administrator during the hey days of the dotcom era at amazon and the ill fated

    in my previous life, i was seeking a PhD in physics at the university of north carolina at chapel hill.