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Bring your questions about turning on https for your website with Certbot and Let's Encrypt.


You’re trying to turn on https for your site for the first time. You have a certificate, but are sick of renewing it. You’ve set it up before, but now you’ve grown and want a more advanced setup. Or, you don’t need help but want to understand some of the finer points of certificate theory, use, and management. Come to Certbot & Let’s Encrypt office hours to talk with Certbot developers and fellow users. No question too small or silly, no person too experienced or inexperienced to be worthy of our time.


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Speaking experience

Erica has given workshops and talks on topics such as building usable tools, Bitcoin, and programming fundamentals.


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    Erica Portnoy

    Electronic Frontier Foundation


    Erica is a Staff Technologist at EFF building Certbot, the web’s https-enabling robot buddy. She earned her BSE in computer science at Princeton, where she researched oblivious computation for messaging privacy and took two different classes where she had to watch Star Trek for homework. Upon graduating, she protected authentication tokens in secure enclaves and experimented with searchable encryption. She likes dogs, the pouring rain, and being right.