Turn the Many into One: Using Deliverance to theme your web applications



Deliverance is an approach that allows you to apply a common look-and-feel to all pages and web applications used for your online presence.


Envision a common scenario where you have picked what you feel is the best tool for the job: Wordpress for blogging, Trac for bug tracking, and Plone for content management. Each of these systems has its own template system.

Faced with the task of unifying the look and feel of these applications you are faced with two choices:

1. Learn and customize the underlying template system for each of these applications.

2. Go down the (often painful) path of trying to reduce the number of platforms you support by rebuilding an all-in-one application to encompass all the needed functionality.

Deliverance is a technology that is a step towards solving the above. Using Deliverance you can apply a common theme to any application written in Python, PHP, or even an application hosted on an entirely separate service as well as static files.

Speaking experience


  • Aaron VanDerlip



    Aaron VanDerlip has 12 years of experience building innovative content management solutions. Aaron has assisted dozens of non-pro?ts clients in their adoption of the Plone CMS, and is an active member of the Boston-area Plone community.