The Path of Developer

Short Form


Let's know the journey of a curious girl since her very first code then school, work, community... good deploys, failures... learning... contributing... leading...


Once upon a time there was a Girl who have a special talent to Code.
Our story follows the professional life of this Girl, since their first commits on Subversion to future day where she leads a company.
The chapters of this story are about lots of code, team play, resilience, learning, leadership and excellence.
All the duties and all the winnings will be tell.

This story can be fictional… or can be real to someone… to everyone
(Any similarity on Hero’s Journey is purely coincidental)


story, community, career

Speaking experience

I'm speaker for many events in Brazil since 2007, mostly at PHP related conferences and organizing some events too. I'd also worked as developer advocate at JetBrains - present in behalf of it too.