How to mix APIs to produce a Delicious Cake



APIs are all over the place, all of them are different, picky and make your app that much cooler, so how do you get them under control?


This talk will focus on some of the fundamental things that are needed to be accomplished in order to wrangle different service APIs. Examples and some cool techniques will be discussed as well as best practices.

- API types
- API formats
- Error handling
- Caching
- Obsification

Speaking experience


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    Stepan Mazurov

    Room 214


    I am a senior developer at Room 214. I have developed and maintained our own blogging software Post Zinger, which powers all Travel Channel blogs and numerous others. I developed everything from server setup and architecture, to HTML and CSS design. Room 214 is a Social Media and Word of Mouth Marketing powerhouse, and as a result I spend a lot of time playing with Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, FiltrBox, Unbound Technologies APIs to creatively use them. In my spare time I enjoy Rock Climbing, Photography and Meeting people.