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This talk is about text editors, IDEs and their evolution through the time. What does the modern day programmer prefer, the IDEs or the text editors? Also we will try to settle the war b/w 2 of the longest-lived applications, vi & emacs. Also you will hear about my favourite text editor.


One of the big reason of your happiness while coding is the text editor you choose to code in. There are so many of them out there that its almost always tough to keep track of. The talk would cover the history of text editors and IDEs. Audience will get to know about editors as old as ‘Qed’ to modern day editors such as Visual studio code. They will also learn more about the one of the oldest applications vim and emacs. And one of the key take aways from the talk would be to how to be respectful of the choice made by fellow programmers and not judge them based on the editor they so dearly love to use. And lastly the talk would cover if there are some editors/IDEs better suited to certain language than others.


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Speaking experience

I spoke last year at Open Source Bridge. Also here are links to few talks:


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    I spend most of my time working on ruby and angularJS. I also helps maintains medium_editor. And blog whenever I find something interesting, and speak at conferences.
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