Coding as a Filthy Casual

Short Form


I’ve been coding with Python since I was 6. I don’t take it very seriously, and I don’t do amazing things with it. And that’s an important perspective to have, to not get too caught up with work.


Filthy Casual is a term used in a lot of games in a derogatory way, pointing out people that “just” play the game for fun, and not devoting their lives to it. We hear about amazing things done with the power of open source in this conference all the time, but I feel that it’s time that another way of using this amazing technology is brought up.

I don’t have a programming job. I don’t spend most of my time coding. I just occasionally pop in, so to speak, and maybe make a dorky little text-based game. But that doesn’t make me unable to be a part of the open source community.


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Speaking experience

I have given a talk at Alterconf called Liar Liar Pants on Fire: Being a Kid in the Tech World. Link: