You Suck at Remote Working

Short Form


Everyone is a remote worker unless you speak to nobody outside your own 4 walls.


I have a long history of working remotely with people around the world or just across the country. I will share my tips, tricks, opinions and invite others to share how they cope with conference call chafing. This is a fun talk about a serious subject on how to improve your own skills as well as getting the people you work with to be great at remote working. Inspiration for the title and approach is from the series of videos titled “You Suck at Photoshop”.

Speaking experience

Spoken at Internal tech conferences at Symantec as well as presented at Agile Open Northwest.


  • Jeff Holt



    Practical, experienced and personable.

    I have been involved from product quality assurance to deployment of shrink-wrapped software to development management and most recently product ownership. I have designed and implemented web applications, maintained sophisticated spiders, workflow systems, and evolved legacy windows applications that ran customers businesses. I have taken neglected applications, and in a matter of months turned disenfranchised users into engaged partners. I have excellent object oriented skills and know when to refactor code and when to leave things well enough alone. I am never afraid to step up to the plate and do the things needed to get the product shipped while maintaining a sensible pace.