Why the Internet Loves Cats

Short Form


When you love your work, when you are passionate, it is easy to push yourself too hard and burn out. Burnout is a real problem in the tech industry. We hear a lot about self care, but what is it? How do you do it? And what does it have to do with cats on the internet? In this interactive session, we will explore the subject together to find an answer to these burning questions.


In this talk, we’ll look at what self care is, who needs it and what the benefits are. Through an interactive session, we’ll look together at the different known approaches to self care and mind map examples of self care from our collective experiences. Lastly, we’ll look at ways to make time and space in our lives to provide ourselves with the self care we deserve so that we don’t burn out under pressure.

Speaking experience

I have spoken at 10 conferences in the last two years. Further information, including video, is available at https://www.unroutable.me/media/


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    Tibbs recently graduated from the University of West of Scotland with a degree in computer security. She has relocated to Portland, OR, where she evangelizes for privacy and security while contracting as an open source Security Evaluation Engineer at Intel. She is passionate about encouraging small children to take the plunge into STEM and about laughing at cats on the internet.