Generating a static web app with GitLab Pages and securing it using OWASP



The talk will consist mainly on how to deploy a static website properly (both, in terms of usability and security) with a version control system. The audience might learn which files should be version controlled and which type of files should not be placed in the version control repository.
Experience with a version control system is recommended but not mandatory.


1. Introduction to Continous Integration (CI).
2. Why one should use a static site, instead of other available alternatives?
3. Deploying the web application with a version control system PROPERLY.
4. The best practises that needs to be followed when deploying the web page to a production environment.
5. Testing the security of your developed Web Application using Open Source Tools.


openweb, owasp, git, vcs, GitLab

Speaking experience

As part of FOSSCell, NITC and Google Students Club, NITC I have conducted various beginner level workshops on technologies including but not limited to GNU/Linux and Android.