Customize the Ubuntu Desktop: Hacks, Apps and Snaps.

Short Form


Do you use Ubuntu on your desktop, and want to make the desktop even more exciting? This talk will go over the basic ways to add additional features to the desktop, as well as showcase the current set of features you can utilize that will enhance the desktop you use daily!


I will go over the Ubuntu Desktop and show you how to customize the desktop, from editing Unity to have even more features, do adding custom scripts that will allow you to increase productivity. I will then show people how to add containerized application that can install multiple versions of software with Spans, Ubuntu’s new packaging format.


ubuntu, Desktop, Snaps

Speaking experience

I have given this talk before. The last main conference I gave it at was Ubuntu-Con Europe in Germany. I have given this talk at FSOSS before ( a free software conference in Toronto), the link to that is here, as well as at my local Linux users Group in Tijuana Mexico. I have also given a similar talk two years ago at the Free software Nordic Summit, in Sweden. The link to that is available here:

In addition to places I have given desktop customization talks, I have spoken twice at FOSDEM, and Three times at SCALE. I am also on the staff who volunteers to run SCALE every year, and love to contribute back to Open Source in that way.