Emacs's org-mode: a writing and organizing multitool

Short Form


This talk will present org-mode, a package for the emacs editor, as a tool useful for everything from writing talks, to keeping a journal, organizing your todos, and developing literate code


Emacs is an editor so old it predates any of the operating systems it now runs on. Despite that, it’s an incredibly well-maintained software system that is the basis for the writing and organizational system I can’t live without: org-mode.

In this talk I’ll show the slice of org-mode and its features I use which includes: writing literate code, writing and giving talks, keeping track of my todo list, writing a textbook, and keeping a daily journal.

Speaking experience

I've spoken at the last two OSBs, at a couple of ignite events, as well as a large number of classes I've taught in universities, code schools, and library classrooms.