G-code: the assembly of 3D printing

Short Form


A brief exploration of g-code, the family of low level languages that describe the physical process of running the 3D printer or CNC mill, from a programmer's perspective


You’ve probably all heard of 3D printing at this point and may have learned about how 3D printing works on the hardware side, but what’s the underlying software behind most 3D printers or computer controlled mills?

It’s actually a family of languages, called g-code, that are the assembly languages of computer controlled machining.

In this talk we’ll explore the general structure of g-code from a programming perspective and even talk about what a high level programming language that compiles to g-code might look like.

Speaking experience

I've spoken at the last two OSBs, at a couple of ignite events, as well as a large number of classes I've taught in universities, code schools, and library classrooms.