What I Learned from My Own Just In Time Compiler

Short Form


We all know the V8 javascript engine, and modern JVMs, are very fast. But why? Sometimes, its easier to find out by reinventing the wheel than from reading monolithic codebases.


As the designer of the programming language Wake, and a maintainer of an open source static analysis tool, compilers have always intensely interested me, and I think they should interest you too. But usually I don’t work with normal compilers, I work with Just In Time compilers. For my latest language, Vaiven, I decided to design it with a JIT from day one, and what I learned about existing JIT technology out there will likely be way more valuable to me than theresulting language itself.

Warning: May contain some assembly code (but fear not, you have me as your guide!)


compilers, v8, jvm, jit, languages, performance

Speaking experience

I spoke at OSB 2105 about why making programming languages is awesome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxF_WaAUzng&t=592s&list=PLfwE4lxvXUNmuWwoNBoywOqrBcZZLiV4o&index=91