Applied Abstract Problems in FOSS Infrastructure

Short Form


This talk will focus on some of the mathematical aspects of DevOps demonstrated through the investigation of problems in FOSS Infrastructure.


Being a SysAdmin is mostly a custodial workload; we make sure that things don’t fall over so that people can keep consuming & creating in the ouroborous of the FOSS ecosystem. But let’s take a deeper look at both concrete problems we face day to day (ie, fundraising, monitoring, multi-timezone communication), and look at the connections to the more abstract problems we are trying to solve (ie, optimization, signal processing, graph theory).


math, devops, FOSS, infrastructure

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    Daniel Pono Takamori

    Apache Software Foundation


    Daniel Pono Takamori is systems administrator for the Apache Software Foundation. He studied math and physics with a focus in mathematical modeling and error correcting codes. Career interests are in providing open alternatives for infrastructure to FOSS projects, applying mathematical models to webscale problems and encouraging the replacement of closed scientific code with projects like Julia and Sage.