Be(come) a Mentor! Help Others Succeed!

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There is always something new to learn in technology. We are always experts in one and beginners in another field. In order to learn successfully it’s important to have a mentor but it’s equally important to learn how to be a good mentor.


All of us are lifelong learners. Especially in technology there is always something new to learn so we are always experts in one and beginners in another field. In order to learn, make progress, and succeed, it’s really helpful to have a mentor. But it’s equally important to learn how to be a good mentor to others. All of us started out as beginners and if it wasn’t for the help of others, who shared their knowledge with us, lent a hand, and guided us, we probably wouldn’t be where we are today. Let’s start giving back! Let’s help others succeed!

Mentorship can be super fun and rewarding, you will learn a ton by helping others, and you don’t need to be an expert in order to mentor someone. In my talk we’ll explore what a mentor is and why you should become a mentor. I’ll also give you mentorship advice and tips and we’ll learn about the Do’s and Don’ts of mentorship. Finally, I’ll present some concrete ways you can help as a mentor and which projects you can get involved in.


  • What is a mentor? What’s a mentor’s job?
  • 3 mentorship myths and why they’re not true
  • Why you should be(come) a mentor
  • How to be a good mentor – Mentorship tips
  • Make a roadmap: goals, time commitment, means of communication, etc.
  • Don’t assume, ask!
  • Show your flaws!
  • Be available!
  • Believe in your mentee
  • Be encouraging and supportive
  • Try to think like your mentee/put yourself in their position
  • Be patient
  • Emphasize the power of breaks
  • What you should never do as a mentor
  • Mentorship tools
  • Concrete ways you can help as a mentor – What projects to get involved in
  • How do you find a mentor?
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A

Speaking experience

I have spoken at many conferences, for a full list of talks, please see my LinkedIn profile Here is a playlist of some of my talks that have been recorded


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    Anna Ossowski

    Django REST Framework, PyLadies


    Anna loves working at the intersection of tech and people and is currently managing the community and operations of Django REST Framework. She is a former director of the Python Software Foundation, PyCon US Open Spaces-Chair, DjangoCon US Diversity Chair, and group leader of the PyLadies Remote group. In her free time she loves speaking at conferences and mentoring future speakers. Anna is very passionate about diversity and community outreach and wants to encourage more women to learn programming because it’s awesome!