Virtual Reality: lets catch up on whats up, talk about some details, and how all this intersects with Open Source



I'm a new owner of an HTC Vive, about to start doing some exploritory development on the platform and have many intersecting interests in the entire vr/ar space. I'm NOT an expert but have been following things fairly closely the past few months.


While I’m not planning on bringing hardware, not easy to uninstall from my room, I would encourage anyone who has a more accessible platform like Google cardboard or Gear VR to bring their toys.


VR, ar, Virtual Reality, vive, rift

Speaking experience

I have spoken at multiple conferences and have done bofs at Oscon


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    Richard Amerman

    CD Baby


    25 years in tech, much of it involved with open source. Spent lots of time both as a developer/analyst and in systems. Currently working as a senior Systems Engineer at CD Baby. Life long musician and a VR (virtual reality) enthusiast.