Open source advocacy for everyone! -or-creating a community of advocates around your open source project.



Crash course in creating, managing and growing a developer (open source) community.


I will go through a “community lifecycle”, from Inception → Establishment → Maturity → Mitosis all in bite size, fun, actionable ways!

I will start at growth/development, go through activities and then building the “sense of community”. Learn how to get past the tipping point and cultivate advocates to help you on your journey. I will also touch on strategy, how to measure your current progress, health and audience and then what to do with the analysis. You will learn how to establish goals, create and action plan, track progress and ensure accountability.

1. Strategy
2. Growth
3. Sense of Community
4. Content
5. Moderation
6. Events & Activities
7. Relationships & Influencers
8. Business Integration
9. User Experience


community, Open Source, advocacy, developer evangelist, engagement

Speaking experience

I've spoken in webinars, at meetups and given trainings.


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    Alexandra Bowen is a Community and Developer Relations Manager for DreamFactory Software. She has mostly worked as a Community Manager for Tech companies and startups. #Community & #DevRel @dfsoftwareinc #OpenSource #APIEvangelist #IoT Company’s relationships with its users are its only lasting source of value.