Storing & Accessing IoT Data with an Open Source RESTful Backend



-A developer perspective of Internet Of Things
-REST and the Internet Of Things
-Leveraging open source services to build IoT applications
-Demo - raspberry pi into IoT gateway *optional


Internet of Things (IoT) is more than a buzzword. The convergence of devices, cloud and analytics is creating a perfect storm for the developers. Cheaper sensors, affordable prototyping platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone make it easy for the developers to get started with IoT. But sensors are only the tip of iceberg. The actual value of IoT is in the data generated by the sensors deployed at various locations. Developers need to deal with a variety of data sources such as object storage, semi-structured NoSQL databases and RDBMS to store and process sensor data.

The DreamFactory Services Platform (DSP) empowers developers through a unified, industry-standard REST backend to interface with multiple data sources. DreamFactory shortens the learning curve by abstracting proprietary APIs via simple REST APIs. What’s more, DreamFactory can be deployed in any LAMP host including Raspberry Pi 2. This capability turns Raspberry Pi 2 into an IoT Gateway that aggregates data ingested by Sensor Nodes.

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