Don't Build Your Own REST APIs/Up Your API Game, from REST to Microservices



Many companies face the same challenges we had to think about and tackle over the years. One of the biggest challenges is figuring out a winning API strategy. This talk lays out some of the traps and pitfalls that companies often experience when they decide to build their own REST APIs.

Many project managers and engineers underestimate the full workload required when releasing an API. I will also be discussing the perils of building your own REST API, look at some ineffective solutions that companies use to battle backend API complexity, and survey the advantages of a more comprehensive and reusable API strategy.


I will be showing you how to do this with a number of open source tools.

The Tower of Babel. Building your own REST API is not just expensive and time consuming. The exploding complexity of backend interfaces is a real problem for companies building mobile and web applications or just using REST API services.

What is the data your applications need to use? Is there a common pattern where you can expose that data to use many times over and over in a highly reusable and standardized way?

Plan for the future on day 1. That means versioning, response models, and any future change will not break, and the API can be repaired for future expansion. There are a set of best practices that are important to understand.

Recently we have seen an explosion of microservice architecture. More microservices = more fragmentation. Learn how to make microservices more lean, easier to maintain and will avoid defragmentation.

-Building your own REST APIs can snowball into a giant mess that adds to backend complexity and slows mobile and web development projects.
-Building APIs with REST API development tools, or trying to manage backend complexity with API management tools, doesn’t solve the root complexity problem, and adds an additional arbitration layer to the mess.
-Building comprehensive, reusable REST API services for groups of applications is possible with a carefully designed RESTful backend.

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