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As an "alien" to open source and coding, I found it very hard to start.


As an “alien” to open source and coding, I found it very hard to start. There are some resources online that were aimed at beginners, but even those started at too high of a level. In this talk, I will take a tech noob and walk you through everything you need to know about open source, and how to contribute your first pull request to this amazing movement and community!

I will also touch on how to create an inclusive environment on your open source project for beginners, as a open source project/community manager. A seasoned contributor or manager would learn a lot about how to make sure they are supportive of noobs, and have an inclusive and encouraging environment for them to flourish and contribute.

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    Alexandra Bowen is a Community and Developer Relations Manager for DreamFactory Software. She has mostly worked as a Community Manager for Tech companies and startups. #Community & #DevRel @dfsoftwareinc #OpenSource #APIEvangelist #IoT Company’s relationships with its users are its only lasting source of value.