What I learned about community from open source culture



Why some open source projects have positive online communities and others don't. What open source can teach us about our culture.


Over the last few years, the open source industries popularity and influence has increased, as well as it’s influence on pop culture. Open source projects offer ways for players to connect – as a byproduct of this, communities of contributors are being formed. Sometimes these communities are friendly and inclusive, but other times they’re not. We’ll take a look at how society and pop culture have influenced (and been influenced) by open source communities, how a open source contribution process/design can foster a certain type of community, how open source communities are evolving, and why some open source projects have positive communities when others don’t.

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    Alexandra Bowen is a Community and Developer Relations Manager for DreamFactory Software. She has mostly worked as a Community Manager for Tech companies and startups. #Community & #DevRel @dfsoftwareinc #OpenSource #APIEvangelist #IoT Company’s relationships with its users are its only lasting source of value.