Power Laws in Online Communities OR How to engage community lurkers



This talk will help you get more people to submit to your open source project.


Developer evangelism, community and the power law. The power laws can help you to measure the number of leaders in a community. Inevitably all of your participants will become leaders of some sort, while your high-level participants will become the top-tier leaders. I will touch on questions such as: How and why do people become leaders? How do we encourage minorities to become leaders and make sure our leaders are represented of the diversity of the community? How do you create a diverse community? Many reasons why people are lurkers is because engaging is too high of a risk, or they are introverts. Learn how to engage these people and create an inclusive environment for everyone. When you create an inclusive community and many ways for folks to get involved and contribute, you will see an increase in engagement and membership. Often times in developer and technical communities, there are barriers for beginners. It’s important to make sure that new ideas, and beginners are welcome. This talk will help you get more people to submit to your open source project.

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    Alexandra Bowen is a Community and Developer Relations Manager for DreamFactory Software. She has mostly worked as a Community Manager for Tech companies and startups. #Community & #DevRel @dfsoftwareinc #OpenSource #APIEvangelist #IoT Company’s relationships with its users are its only lasting source of value.