Future of open source is determined by culture.



The Future of open source is determined by culture. We need EVERYONE to contribute to open source. Open source needs to reflect the diversity of it's users.


Community culture influences everyone – future of open source determined by culture.
-Systems communicate the way organizations communicate – systems mimic communication patterns.
-Companies attempt to build api programs w/out challenging “structures in place”.
-Open source takes the conway law to extremes.
-The way we communicate directly impacts the product.
-We are experiencing a "language loss "
(speaking, and programming) if you contribute to open source project, or programming, language shapes reality . silencing endangers open source, how do we make sure open source is inclusive?
-Stability diversity hypothesis. 89% open source contributors are men. when everyone is making technology the technology they make will be for everyone.

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    Alexandra Bowen is a Community and Developer Relations Manager for DreamFactory Software. She has mostly worked as a Community Manager for Tech companies and startups. #Community & #DevRel @dfsoftwareinc #OpenSource #APIEvangelist #IoT Company’s relationships with its users are its only lasting source of value.