Making a Website for the IEEE with Joomla!



The IEEE Oregon Section is working hard at building a collaborative technical community. Our goal is to develop and foster interaction among our members. We started by building a new website (using Joomla!) with forums, event management, ecommerce, and file up/download. We'll talk about what we we've done and how we did it and what we plan for the future. We'll solicit advice about our future directions.


The IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Oregon Section put together a new web site, using Joomla (the bang is really part of the name) is a CMS, a opensource content Management System that uses PHP and MySQL. Core Joomla! is easy to install, but it has large number of extensions, some free, some commercial. We’ll talk about what extensions we chose, why we chose them, and discuss problems we encountered and solved.

We’ll discuss user registration and how users can post articles, forum entries, and events. The IEEE is non-profit, but we put on seminars for operating expenses; and so we needed a secure ecommerce setup. We chose the opensource Joomla! extension VirtueMart for this. We’ll demonstrate how that works and discuss the configuration decisions we made. We’ll also discuss backup and upgrade issues.

So far we focused on a build-it-and-they-will-come approach. We’ve had some limited success, but are searching for what more we can do. We have a large umbrella (electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers as well as software engineers) and need to benefit all our members.

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