Don't Get Scared, Get Started

Short Form


Contributing to open source is rewarding in terms of the satisfactions you get while you help the open source community to grow as well as the new things that you get to learn. If you go on discussing about contributing to open source most of them find it intimidating. Most of them are scared of contributing to open source projects. Most of them think that it is too tough to get in, too tough to get started and they won’t be able to do it.

There are a lot of myths about the difficulty level of getting started with contributing to open source. With this talk I would like to break the myths and tell the truths around them.


Contributing to open sources can help the community as well as the contributor.

There is one more belief that contributing to open source is only through coding, which is false. Everything else is looked down. There are so many ways to help the open source community. Everything is equally important and much needed. The main aim to make them believe that contributing to open source projects is not tough, scary or intimidating. It is really easy to get started and people are friendly, most of them. What all programs are there to get new comers into open source and that they are so friendly to beginners. What all comes up when you start contributing to open source project. There is so much to learn while contributing. Where to start from? how to approach mentors? I plan to cover all the basic questions.


Open Source

Speaking experience

Invited as a speaker at major conferences like DjangoCon Europe'15 (Fully funded), PyCon UK'15, Open Source and Feelings15 (Partially Funded), Linux Con Europe'15 (Fully Funded), SciPy Europe'15, Latinity'15, PyOhio'15, FOSSCON'15.

I also organize workshops to help more women get into open sources in India. I have spoken at FOSSMEET'16 [1] at NIT Calicut (Premier institute in India). I have also spoken at a workshop organized by IEEE Delhi Section in Delhi Technical University [2].



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